Jennifer was born in Yorkshire where she spent her early years before moving to Lincolnshire. From a young age she showed an obvious flair for drawing and painting. She attended a traditional Grammar school where she was dissuaded from studying Art in favour of more academic subjects. It still remained a passion.

After obtaining a degree in Geography with Geology, she taught these subjects up until the birth of her first daughter in 1977.

All the while her interest in painting and the natural world persisted and, encouraged by her husband, who was already an established artist, she submitted work to Ferens Winter Exhibition in Hull, Her work was spotted and she was offered a One Woman Exhibition in Beverley. This was hugely successful and her second career was launched.

Since that time demand for her work has continued and is collected worldwide. She sells through selected galleries and works on commissioned pieces and has been invited to hold major exhibitions in recent years.

She takes her inspiration from the environment around her and prefers to paint subjects which she knows well. She likes to combine shape and colour to produce a pleasing watercolour image and sees no reason to compromise on what nature has provided, enjoying the challenge of depicting the details of fur, feather and foliage.

She spends a great deal of time observing her subjects in their natural habitat in order to capture them in a realistic way whilst producing an attractive image.